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Whether strand pelletizing or underwater pelletizing, complete systems or individual components: As a specialist, innovator or competent consultant, we supply pelletizing solutions for the compounding, master batch, pharmaceutical, recycling and polymer industries, tailored to your requirements.

You need pellets of the highest quality, are looking for an individually-tailored system concept or simply have a question: With proven expertise, the right logistics and skilled assembly staff, our experienced and innovative design engineering team, will turn our machinery into YOUR SYSTEM!

What we stand for: 20 years of ips. Over 1,000 systems sold worldwide!

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Pelletizing processes

Strand pelletizing

ips strand pelletizing systems for dry and wet cutting provide all the components for the entire pelletizing process.

Underwater pelletizing

ips underwater pelletizing systems are suited to pelletizing practically all thermoplastic polymers.

Overview of products

ips pelletizing systems are highly capable production systems. Can be used for processing a variety of materials and processes.
Most components can be operated as a pelletizing system alone or in combination.
Sensible options facilitate product handling and increase productivity.
All components have been intelligently matched to your requirements.

Strand die head type ips-SGK

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Strand cooling trough type ips-SKW

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Strand conveyor type ips-SFB

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Process water system type ips-PWS

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Strand dewatering unit type ips-SA eco

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Strand dewatering unit type ips-SA

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Strand pelletizer type ips-SG-E 30 / Kombi

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Strand pelletizer type ips-SG-E 60 / 110

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Strand pelletizer type ips-SG / 2

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Strand pelletizer type ips-SG / D

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Classifier screens

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Strand pelletizing system type ips-SGA

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Strand pelletizing system type ips-SGU / 2

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Pellet dryer type ips-GT

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Melt pump

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Polymer diverter valve

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Underwater pelletizing system type ips-UWG-S

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We are here for you! Our service entails all the areas of the pelletizing process: from consultancy about applications down to replacement parts.

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ips offers you optimum solutions under one roof. For this, we cooperate with highly capable partners. In the area of melt filtration and conveying, we include the components from Trendelkamp Technologie GmbH in the ips systems.
The underwater pelletizing systems from HANJIN IND.CO.,LTD supplement the ips series Type ips-SGU underwater pelletizing systems with feed widths of more than 420 mm.


The course is set for the future

Niedernberg, 14.01.2020. As of 1 January, 2020 the next generation has joined the management board at...

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Greater production yield, less waste

Niedernberg, 28.10.2019. For the production of high-quality polyamide pellets, ENNEATECH AG which...

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ips sells its first large-scale underwater pelletizing system

Niedernberg, 23.05.2019. In addition to strand pelletizing, ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions...

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A lean company structure with flat hierarchies, short decision paths and great flexibility are what characterise us as a family company. Responsible assignments and tasks await you, for which you will receive practice-oriented initiation and professional preparation!

The enthusiasm for our work and our products is what drives us on and incentivises us. As team players, we work together to find the best solutions for our customers. In this context, openness, respect and tolerance in our daily dealings – both with one another and with our customers – are crucial. Whether innovative technologies or new system developments, you benefit from a modern working environment offering you a diversity of opportunities to develop further.

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