Niedernberg, 10.05.2017. ips Intelligent Pelletizing Solutions GmbH & Co. KG has further added to the machinery in its technical centre at the Niedernberg location. In addition to an underwater pelletizing system ips-UWG 75 S and a number of conventional strand pelletizing lines, the automatic strand pelletizing system ips-SGA 220/2 is now also available for internal development trials and customer trials.

“This allows us, under conditions which come very close to those in actual production, to individually develop the optimum layout of a strand pelletizing system for our customers, on the one hand, and to further develop our systems in an ideal test environment, on the other” explains ips Managing Partner, Gerald Weis. “In addition, our customers have the opportunity to experience the system not only virtually as a computer simulation, but actually live.”

The automatic strand pelletizing type system ips-SGA/2 is deployed in particular in the compounding and recycling industry – for processing filled and/or reinforced technical thermoplastics in higher throughput areas up to 4 to/h, depending on the application and the dimensions of the pellets.

“It is an attractive alternative to conventional strand pelletizing lines and is characterised by simple operation and a high standard of process reliability,” explains Gerald Weis. Easy start-up of the pelletizing process, automatic re-threading after strand breakages, integrated strand drying for low residual moisture, and the variable cooling section for the polymer strands prior to cutting, further exemplify the benefits of the system. It can be integrated simply and flexibly into existing production lines and, compared to conventional strand pelletizing, offers higher manufacturing yield with lower staff costs.

The ips-SGA/2 is available for working widths and cutting widths from 120 to 420 mm. “The modular structure of the system, and the flexibility of ips, mean that an application-specific and customer-specific version of the entire plant is possible at any time,” adds Gerald Weis.

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